Georgia approves Starlink satellite internet services


The Republic of Georgia has approved SpaceX’s Starlink internet service on July 14. The Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC) approved the internet service to operate in the eastern European country in less than one week.

SpaceX applied for permission to provide internet services in Georgia on July 8.

SpaceX had previously met with regulatory officials at the end of June.

The GNCC said this about the approval:

Starlink is especially important and interesting in mountainous regions as well as in settlements without broadband internet coverage. After the introduction of Starlink, access to high-speed Internet in all such geographical areas will be available to anyone. (via Spacenews)

According to Starlink‘s availability map, Georgia internet services will come online next year. However, the company will not provide internet to areas around the northern border with Russia.

Russia, Afghanistan, Belarus, Cuba, China, Iran, North Korea, Syria and Venezuela are all listed as without a plan for Starlink services.

SpaceX has been providing Ukrainian forces and citizens with free Starlink services during the ongoing Russian assault on the country.

Due to this, Russian officials have been threatening SpaceX and calling their satellites military equipment.

So, the stance over Russia and attempting to limit satellite and internet coverage near the Russian border is not surprising.

SpaceX nor the GNCC gave an exact date on when Starlink would go live in the country.

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