Tesla Vision software update 2021.4.18.10 restores and improves a number of features

Tesla has begun deploying software update 2021.4.18.10 to vision-based Model 3 and Model Y vehicles that restores and improves upon a number of safety and convenience features.

According to the release notes of the update, there were improvements to the Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance system and Smart Summon. But based on information from owners who have received the update, it includes much more.

Autopilot Speed Limit

One of the features that was limited when Tesla Vision cars were first released was a reduced speed limit from 90mph (144km/h) down to 75mph (120km/h) when Autopilot was engaged. Even though it wasn’t in the release notes, the speed limit has now been increased to 80mph (128km/h).

Just last night CEO Elon Musk said this limitation was done as a precautionary measure, but after seeing the data from the fleet realized it was unnecessary.

Smart Summon & Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance

While some features like Autopilot speed were limited, others were removed entirely. Two of those were Smart Summon and Emergency Lane Departure, both of which have now been restored in this update.

Miscellaneous Improvements

When the first tests of the vision-based Autopilot system started to appear online, owners began noticing that auto high beam headlights could not be turned off when the driver-assist feature was turned on. Although Tesla never gave an official explanation as to why this was done, it was presumed to be put in place so the cameras could get a better view of the road on dark nights.

It looks like this feature may have also been deemed unnecessary. According to Twitter user Kevin Smith (@spleck), auto high-beams can now be disabled.

There have so far been no reports that the limitation of being unable to turn off the wipers when Autopilot is engaged has also been removed.

Sentry Mode

Another feature that was unintentionally limited in Tesla Vision cars was Sentry Mode, which would not trigger when there was movement around the car. A report earlier this week on Reddit said the feature would be restored in 2021.4.18.10, but so far there have been no reports that it is working correctly now.

This is a developing story, keep checking back for updates…

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