Tesla Smart Summon leads to good samaritan trying to stop runaway car

Tesla’s Smart Summon was released in late 2019, with owners using the new feature over a million times in the first month alone.

Since then we have seen some amazing use cases. An owner in Miami Beach, Florida used it to get his car out of a flooded parking space.

Perhaps the best part of using the self-driving feature is to see other people’s reactions. As Tesla owners we are well aware of the advanced technology in our vehicles, but most of the general public is still blissfully unaware that Tesla’s can operate in a parking lot without a driver behind the wheel.

A good samaritan in West Chester, Pennsylvania got her first experience of Smart Summon this past weekend, and is now very aware.

According to the video description, the owner was using Smart Summon after eating at a local restaurant. As the Tesla passed the concerned citizen, she sprinted to catch up and attempted to stop it by pressing on the front left pillar (unfortunately out of view of the cameras).

After realizing what happened, the lady was very embarassed, but the owner thanked her for trying to prevent what she thought was a runaway car.

You can check out the full video below. Have you ever had a funny Smart Summon reaction? Let us know in the comments below.

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