Tesla software update 2022.28 will allow you to minimize Tesla Theater to access vehicle controls [Video]

Tesla has started an internal rollout its next software update, version 2022.28, with the first deployment spotted being installed in a Model Y Performance in North Holland, Netherlands over the weekend by update tracker and data logger TeslaFi.

The deployment is still in the final stages of testing among employees, but thanks to Not A Tesla App we have a sneak peek at one of the features that will be included in the release – the ability to minimize Tesla Theatre.

Tesla Theatre was first released in the big V10 software update in September 2019, giving owners access to an official YouTube and Netflix streaming app. The only problem with the Theater is that once you had started a show or movie in full screen mode, you would have to completely exit out of the app to gain access to vehicle controls.

This has now been resolved in 2022.28, as owners will be able to keep their show or movie playing and minimize the Tesla Theater screen.

“Full screen Theater Mode can now be minimized, allowing access to vehicle controls without video playback interruption. Tap the minimize button on the top left corner of the window to toggle full screen mode,” Tesla explains in the 2022.28 release notes.

Not A Tesla App was also able to get some photos and a video of the new feature in action, showing the minimize button will be in the top left corner of the screen, the opposite side to the ‘X’ to close out the app.

After tapping on the icon, the screen shifts over to the side of the screen, revealing the application launcher and vehicle avatar.

Since this release is still in internal testing, we likely won’t see a public rollout of 2022.28 for another few weeks. Hopefully it will also address the recent bug where the Tesla Theater screen is completely blank. Here’s a quick tip to resolve the issue until a permanent fix is implemented.

You can check out the video showing the new feature in action below.


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