Tesla FSD beta software update 2020.40.8.12 brings impressive UI changes [Video]

FSD beta Model 3 visualization
Image via Tesla Raj /Twitter

Tesla’s latest 2020.40.8.12 software update to the limited Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta testers includes some interesting new user interface (UI) upgrades.

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Probably the biggest change of the software update released tonight is the addition of new visualizations of the Model 3. As you are probably familiar with, current Model 3’s feature a static overhead view of the electric sedan. There are buttons to open the charge port, trunk and frunk.

Old Tesla UI

With this latest update, there is now a much larger, high definition view of the Model 3 from the side. The same options to open the frunk trunk, and charge port are still there, but now include slick animations to go along with them.

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The Model Y has similar animations, but from the same top down view currently seen on Model 3’s.

Along with the new visualization, the software update also changes the layout of the 15-inch display. The left hand side now takes up a larger portion of the screen, with the right hand map side of the display now smaller. This gives more room for the complex FSD beta driving visualizations.

If the new look seems familiar, you’re probably remembering the Cybertruck’s UI, which seems to have influenced this new design.

The lock/unlock button has also moved from the top of the screen, now included on the car itself, and the gear selector has moved to the far left.

Hopefully this a software update with these new UI changes comes to the whole fleet soon, and not just for the FSD beta testers.

Let us know what you think of the new UI in the comments below.

Here are the full 2020.40.8.12 release notes:

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