Tesla navigation waypoints are on their way

Tesla Navigation Waypoints
Image via @greentheonly /Twitter

After years of requests it looks like navigation waypoints will be making their way into your Tesla very soon, possibly just in the time for the holidays.

If you want to take a trip in your Tesla, you are currently limited to entering just one destination in the on-board navigation. While this may be suitable for many of the drives you take, it is often more useful to also be able to enter stops along the way, known as waypoints.

It was probably one of the biggest features lacking from Tesla’s navigation software, and one that has been repeatedly requested to be added. In September Tesla CEO Elon Musk finally relented and said OK to the navigation feature.

The team at Tesla has been busy since that tweet as Tesla hacker @greentheonly has already discovered evidence of waypoints in the source code of the latest software update.

As noted by green, the feature is not yet complete, but there was enough code available for him to be able to program waypoints this past weekend.

With it only being the beginning of December, and Musk teasing another holiday software update for this year, it wouldn’t be surprising to see waypoints arrive in your car in the new few weeks.

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