Waypoints finally coming to Tesla navigation

One of the most owner-requested features over the years looks like it will finally be making its way to Tesla vehicles in a future software update.

When using Tesla’s in-car navigation you can currently only enter in one destination. This works well enough if you’re driving directly to your final stop, but makes it difficult when you have to make multiple stops along the way, referred to as waypoints.

After years of requests by owners, CEO Elon Musk has finally submitted and agreed to add them in a future software update.

The straw that broke the camel’s back appears to been one Twitter user’s attempt to continuously tweet at the CEO until getting a response.

The amount of feedback that followed was enough for Musk to finally relent to the request this afternoon.

Waypoints are a common feature in almost all other GPS-based navigation systems but for whatever has been lacking in Tesla vehicles. This will prove particularly useful if you want to stop at a particular Supercharger along your route, instead of the one suggested by the Tesla navigation.

Are you looking forward to waypoints? Let us know in the comments below.

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