Tesla adds ability to view Cabin Camera feed on the in-car display

Tesla started deploying its first software update of 2023 earlier this week, version 2023.2.0.5, with the release notes indicating two updates related to Sentry Mode and the heated steering wheel. However there was an undocumented feature also bundles in the update related to the cabin camera.

The cabin camera has been around since the Model 3 launched in 2017, but it sat dormant until 2021 when Tesla turned it on to use it for driver monitoring. It gained another use late last year when for the first time Tesla allowed owners to actually use it themselves to look inside the car when Sentry Mode or Dog Mode were active. Owners were limited however to only viewing the cabin camera feed from the mobile app, but Tesla has now added the ability to look at the camera feed from within the car.

Hidden in the 2023.2.0.5 update is a new ‘Camera Preview’ option in the Service menu, according to Twitter user @StianWaLgermo who shared this image showing the camera feed on his in-car display.

It is unclear what use Tesla intends for this view, but since it is under the Service Menu it is likely to provide an easy way for owners or service employees to check the camera feed to make sure it is working as intended. Another benefit is that it gives owners the opportunity to adjust the rearview mirror in such a way that they can still see out the back of the car, but also so that the mirror doesn’t block a good portion of the view.

Hopefully with the addition of the cabin camera feed, Tesla soon gives owners to access the feed from the b-pillar cameras, and also adds it to the suite of camera feeds used in Sentry Mode to provide even greater video coverage around the car when the security feature is active.

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