Tesla will make it easier to track your tire services in next software update

Tesla is always adding new features to their cars through free over-the-air (OTA) software updates, and one of the next features to be released will make it easier to keep track of how many miles you have driven since your last tire service.

Set to be included in the 2023.20 software update, which is still currently undergoing internal testing, is a new feature called ‘Tire Service Mileage’ that will appear in the ‘Controls’ menu. With this feature you can “see how many miles it’s been since your last tire service,” according to a copy of the release notes obtained by Not A Tesla App.

If you’re wondering why you need this, Tesla explains further that this feature is useful to keep track of when your tires were last rotated, replaced, or swapped, making it easier to know and remember when to perform the next tire service. Of course this mileage counter will need to be manually reset each time one of the tire services noted above are completed, and this can easily be done with the ‘Reset’ button in the settings.

The Tire Service Mileage is of course not the only mileage tracker available to owners. Tesla also has multiple trip counters that can be customized for different uses, with one popular use being keeping track of how many miles you have driven on your winter and summer tires. This new feature could replace that use, freeing up another trip counter for whatever you want to keep track of. These trip counters can also be made viewable in the quick access menu on the main screen, but it is unclear if this new counter will also be an option for that menu.

Given that Tesla only recently release version 2023.12 to their fleet, it will likely still be several weeks until we see 2023.20 deployed to the fleet, putting a potential release in mid-June depending on whether any significant bugs are found during testing.

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