Tesla 2021.36.5.5 Software Update & Release Notes

Release notes

Tesla has deployed a new software update tonight, 2021.36.5.5, which so far appears to be going to Model Y vehicles, including some in Canada.

The update was first noted by Drive Tesla reader Thomaz, who reported receiving it earlier this evening.


UPDATE: This update is also rolling out to Model 3 owners.

The update contains the same features found in the main 2021.36 branch, plus another one that talks about the new capabilities of the mobile app.

2021.36.5.5 Release Notes

airbag release notes

Airbag System Improvements (Model Y) – Based on recent fleet data analysis, we enhanced your vehicle’s restraint and airbag system’s ability to detect and respond to an even wider range of real-world side impact collisions. This enhancement builds upon prior superior collision protection, based on regulatory and industry crash test ratings, to offer the most cutting-edge safety improvements available today

cold weather release notes Cold Weather Improvements (Model 3, Y) – Additional enhancements have been made to improve your vehicle experience in cold wather. When you navigate to a Supercharger, improved battery preconditioning delivers a faster charge. Improved temperature consistency throughout the cabin offers more comfort in cold weather. The windshield wiper wash sequence automatically adjusts to our vehicle speed to better clear salt and grime.
Mobile app improvements


Mobile App Improvements – You can now adjust your Charge Current, Scheduled Departure or Scheduled Charging at your car’s current location from the Tesla app.Note: This functionality requires mobile app version 4.1.0.