Tesla 2020.48.25 Holiday Software Update: First Look

Tesla has finally started deploying the highly anticipated 2020.48.25 holiday software update, and thanks to an owner in Norway we get our first look at the release notes.

Important: Since this update was received in Norway, and based on information and images Drive Tesla has received over the last few days, these release notes do not contain all the features we expect owners in North America will receive.

The first noticeable change is to the format of the release notes. Instead of each feature being given a detailed description, you now have the option to click on each individual item to see more details about it.

Due to this change we don’t get to see the details of each of the items, which include (via Reddit):

  • Improvements in release notes
  • Improvements to driving view
  • Improvements to scheduled departure
  • Supercharging improvements
  • Various improvements to vehicle information

Based on information we’ve received, the update will include the new vehicle visualizations which take up more of the in-car display that first appeared with the FSD beta testers. We assume that to be the improvements to the driving view feature.

FSD beta Model 3 visualization
Image via Tesla Raj /Twitter

The other noticeable changes are three new arcade games:

  • The Battle of Polytopia – an award winning and unique turn based strategy game
  • Cat Quest – open world RPG set in the “pawsome world of cats!”
  • Kabal – the only video game references to Kabal we could find is the Mortal Kombat charatacter Kabal, and the 1980’s video game “Cabal”

We’ll be keeping an eye for the first appearance of the holiday software update on a vehicle in North America, and let you know as soon as it appears.

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Tesla 2020.48.25 release notes
Image via Reddit
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