Tesla Dashcam viewer gets unannounced upgrade in recent software update [Update]

When Tesla released their new Dashcam viewer in the 2020.12.5 software update a few months ago, it was a welcomed addition that saved you the hassle of having to remove your USB storage device in order to view TeslaCam or Sentry Mode clips.

But owners soon found out you were only able to access footage that had been intentionally saved, and you still had to remove your USB in order to see the ‘recent’ clips.

Now it appears Tesla has fixed that, by adding your recent TeslaCam footage to the viewer in an unannounced upgrade in the 2020.24.6.3 software update.

We first spotted the change last night after taking a drive to test out the new green light traffic control update that was deployed on Canada Day.

Upon opening the Dashcam Viewer on the screen, there was a 23-minute long clip that covered the entirety of the drive, from pulling out of the garage all the way to arriving back at my house.

Tesla Dashcam viewer update


While this is a small change, it’s a nice one in that you now don’t have to worry about removing your USB storage device to check all your footage.

It is also a benefit because if you were sometimes too quick to hit save, either by honking the horn or physically pressing the save button, the incident you actually wanted to record was just missed in the saved clip.

This wasn’t the only update not mentioned in the release notes of the latest update. You can now also show off new wheel options in the ‘Wheel Configuration’ menu, including the 18″ aero wheels without the aero covers.

Update: After further testing, it looks like it will only show your most recent trip, with the only limitation being the size of your USB storage device.

Tesla dashcam viewer

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