Tesla FSD Beta in Canada still at least a few months away, V10 gets one week delay in US

Tesla first released the Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta software in October 2020 to a select number of testers in the US. For Canadians it looked like an early 2021 release was likely based on comments from CEO Elon Musk on Boxing Day that was it was coming “very soon.”

It looks as though the wait will actually end up being more than a year.

Responding to a question from Toby Li who asked for an update on FSD beta for Canadian owners, Musk provided a vague answer that if taken with optimism would mean a November 2021 release at the earliest.

The CEO again linked the delay to the differences between US and Canadian roads, as well as regulatory approvals.

Given the recent track record with FSD release dates, in particular with regards to Canada, it would not be surprising to see the software arrive north of the border in 2022.

FSD Beta V10 Release Date & The Button

The news is slightly better for the current FSD beta testers in the US. The next version, known as V10, was originally scheduled to be deployed this Friday, September 3. Tesla has now pushed that back one more week to Friday, September 10.

This version of the software has also been linked to the highly anticipated “button” that would allow any Tesla owner in the US to download the software. It won’t be coming in the first release, but Musk added that it will likely arrive with V10.1, which should be deployed “about 2 weeks later,” pegging its release to somewhere around September 24.

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