Woman prosecuted and fined for keying Tesla Model 3 thanks to Sentry Mode video

sentry keying

A woman in England is paying the owner of a Tesla Model 3 $1,450 for damages after she was caught keying the vehicle on Sentry Mode.

The incident took place in June in Poole, England.

According to the Sentry Mode video shared by the Bournemouth News, Anna Valente parked next to the Model 3 in question. She then pretended to get something out of her car while using a set of keys behind her back to scratch the Tesla.

The Tesla owner discovered the damage when their partner returned home in the car. The owner watched the Sentry Mode footage and saw Valante damaging his vehicle. The owner then provided the images of Valente’s face and her car’s license plate to the police.

According to local police, identifying culprits of car keyings is usually tricky as parking-lot security cams are too far away. However, the Tesla Sentry Mode video was crystal clear.

The MailOnline noted that this is the first time that car-camera footage such as Sentry Mode was used in a prosecution in the United Kingdom.

However, this isn’t the first time that prosecutors used Sentry Mode. We have seen police in the US and other jurisdiction use Sentry Mode footage to help with active investigations.

Valente pleaded guilty at Poole Magistrates’ Court on December 9 to damaging a motor vehicle and causing damage worth $1,450. The court ordered Valente to pay that amount in compensation and other costs.

You can watch the full video below.

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