Watch this suspect in Hamilton Ontario reverse into a Tesla Model 3 and then run, but not before urinating in the parking lot

It was an ordinary day in the parking lot of the Home Depot in Hamilton, Ontario when this Tesla Model 3 owner parked his car and went into the store. But then the driver of a black SUV returned to his Chevy SUV to seemingly purposely inflict some damage on the Tesla.

The suspect can be seen returning to his vehicle, and eyeing out the owner of the Model 3 as he walks away from his vehicle with a cart loaded with flooring. Then before entering his vehicle, he opens his door, checks out the surrounding area to ensure no one is watching (Tesla’s are always watching), and proceeds to urinate in the parking lot (on his door?).

Then if that’s not bad enough, he enters his vehicle, throws it into reverse, and drives almost straight into the Model 3, making no attempt to turn as he backs out.

To rub it in just a little more, he puts it into drive, then back into reverse, and backs into the Tesla a second time. He then pulls back into his parking spot to inspect the damage to his car, which now has a sizeable dent in the rear bumper, and the damage to the Tesla before returning to his car and driving away.

Fortunately the TeslaCam footage gets a pretty good shot of the suspect. The driver was also able to get a clear shot of his license plate and report it to police, who are now involved along with his insurance company.

Hamilton suspect Tesla Model 3 hit and run

Check out the full clips below of this bizarre incident.

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