Tesla dashcam captures road rage accident saving driver from possible ticket

A Tesla driver is thanking his Model 3’s built-in dashcam after it captured an aggressive driver attempting to drive him off the road before slamming on the brakes and forcing a collision.

Ken Woodward was driving his Tesla Model 3 home in Omaha, Nebraska in the travelling lane when he came across a car that was driving slower than the flow of traffic. With a clear passing lane, Woodward signaled and moved into the adjacent lane to get around the slow-moving car.

Model 3 passing

Apparently the driver of the vehicle already in the passing lane, 40-year old Brian Frey didn’t like his maneuver, who reportedly showed his frustration by throwing his hands in the air.

“That triggered something in him. He threw his hands in the air like he was frustrated with me,” Woodard told KETV 7.

Upset with the situation, Frey accelerated aggressively, actually hitting the rear bumper of the Tesla while attempting to overtake. The road rage continues as Frey moves alongside the Model 3, forcing it off the side of the road and almost into the guardrail.

Still not satisfied, Frey gets in front of Woodward before slamming on his brakes, forcing a collision where the Tesla goes completely under the rear bumper of the Subaru sending it airborne, causing extensive damage to both vehicles.

Fortunately for the Tesla driver, the car’s cameras were rolling and captured the entire incident on video. When the Douglas County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived on scene, they heard two very different versions of what happened, as Frey told authorities Woodward was the aggressor and forced the accident.

Needless to say, Frey was ticketed for a misdemeanor willful reckless driving after authorities viewed the Teslacam footage. If convicted, Frey could lose his license for as much as one year.

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