Watch as a vandal throws a large cement block on the windshield of a Tesla Model 3

Earlier this week we saw a bizarre incident where a vandal in Australia smashed the windshield of a Tesla Model S for no apparent reason.

In what may be an even more bizarre incident, a Tesla in Canada reader has sent us the Sentry Mode video of a vandal throwing a large cement block on the windshield of his Model 3.

The vandalism occurred in Vancouver, British Columbia in the early morning hours of February 23, 2020. The blue Tesla Model 3 was parked in Impark parking lot #93 at 454 West Pender Street, at the corner of West Pender and Richards Street.

The owner tells Tesla in Canada he was on his way back to his car after a night out, having already started preconditioning the cabin. He was only one block away when he heard the alarm go off, and started running back to his car.

In the Sentry Mode footage, the suspect can be seen from the side repeater camera picking up a large cement block that was in front of a Volkswagen parked two stalls away. He then walks towards the Tesla, throwing it on the windshield.

Unfortunately he doesn’t walk far enough into the view of the front camera, so there is no clear view of his face, but we’ve blown up some images below to get the best view possible.

As you can see from the photo, the damage was extensive. The strange thing about this incident is that it would have been much easier for the vandal to throw the cement block on the VW, which was directly in front of him when he picked it up.

Instead, he purposely walks several feet away to throw it on the Tesla. He must have some really strong hate for Tesla to have done this kind of senseless act.

If you have any information about the suspect or may know who he is, or where in the area and may have witnessed it, please contact the Vancouver Police Department, and quote file #VA2-034785.

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