Another Australian vandal caught on Sentry Mode, this time keying a Tesla Model 3

It was only a few days ago that Jules Boag’s Tesla Model S was vandalized by a man who smashed the side mirror and windshield with his skateboard in Albury, Australia.

Now another vandal, this time in the Westfield car park at Penrith in Sydney, New South Wales, has been caught on Sentry Mode keying the side of a 3-month old red Performance Tesla Model 3 for no apparent reason.

In the video, the woman can be seen approaching the Tesla from the rear, as she cautiously looks around to make sure no one is watching. What she, and lots of other vandals and thieves fail to realize is that Tesla’s are always watching.

The side repeater camera that is active while Sentry Mode is on perfectly captures the vandal take her keys and viciously gouge the door, before walking away still looking around to make sure no one saw her.

Sentry Mode caught a very good shot of her face, so it will only be a matter of time until she is identified and brought to justice. It appears that it’s still going to take some time before people realize that vandalizing Tesla’s is a bad idea.

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