Watch as vandals attempt to kick out the charging cable of a Model 3

Many of us have either seen or had it happen to us directly where someone tries to unplug your Tesla at a public charging station. It has even happened to me, as you can see below.

But what we’ve yet to see until now is someone trying to kick out the charging cable of a Tesla. The incident happened in Las Vegas at the Park MGM at 2 o’clock in the morning, so the chances of the main culprit being drunk highly likely.

We can see the driver of the vehicle first approach the Tesla and for some reason try to open the driver side door. Then a passenger of the vehicle approaches and attempts to forcefully pull and then kick out the charging cable. He’s then soon joined by the driver of the vehicle, as he appears to kick the rear quarter panel of the Model 3.

Fortunately the owner reported no damage to his vehicle, which is surprising based on what we see in the video. If you recognize either of the individuals below, leave a comment on the YouTube video, I’m sure the owner of the Model 3 would appreciate it.

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