How to get a copy of all the data Tesla has from your vehicle


Tesla’s support pages have been recently updated with a new feature that allows owners to request a copy of your vehicle data that the automaker is in possession of.

On the new “Obtain a Copy of the Vehicle Data Associated With Your Tesla Account” page, the automaker says the data request is available to give owners access to and control of the information Tesla has on your vehicle. They also say the data request varies by location, suggesting not everyone will be able to get a copy of their data.

The feature is available to any owner after they have logged in to their Tesla account. In making the request, the amount, and different types, of data you could potentially be getting your hands on is quite impressive, and could be really interesting.

Included in the data request could be:

  • Vehicle usage information. For example, charging states, speed, gear selection, acceleration information, vehicle interaction data (e.g., door unlocking, trunk release, air conditioning state, wiper speed, horn status, seatbelt buckle status)
  • Autopilot information (if applicable)
  • Sentry mode images (if applicable)
  • Infotainment system settings information
  • Mobile app usage

Unfortunately the requested data isn’t available immediately, as it will obviously take some time for Tesla to gather all the data and put it in a format that is presentable to the average vehicle owner. Once it is ready, you will be sent a link to download the data. The link will only be active for 14 days, so download the data as soon as you get the email just in case you forget about it.

Owners can request data for the past 7, 14, 30 days, or “Other”, where you can type in the specified amount of data you want. I have yet to receive my data, but will update you when I do.

Tesla Data Request

Will you be requesting a copy of your vehicle data? Let us know in the comments below.

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