Watch a Tesla Model X take on a tornado in Barrie, Ontario

Residents of Barrie, Ontario were in for a wild ride yesterday as a EF-2 tornado touched down in the region on Thursday afternoon. Damage was extensive with houses being knocked down and roofs being blown off in the 210km/h (130mph) winds.

Many vehicles were also damaged with some shifted from their original parking spots and others even being flipped in the high winds.

Barrie tornado damage
Image via The 4K Guy /YouTube

One vehicle that faced the tornado head-on was a Tesla Model X, and Sentry Mode was able to capture the chaotic scene as the tornado ripped through the parking lot of a local store.

In a video shared to Reddit by u/VanillaGorilla, the Model X owner said his wife was the one driving the car and was inside when the tornado made its way through the area. The video is short but we can see massive amount of debris flying around, including a rogue tire that rolls through the view of the side repeater camera.

A neighbouring SUV was also no match for the tornado as it gets picked up and moved like it was a toy car. Impressively, the heavy Model X stands it ground and remains firmly planted on the concrete.

Unfortunately it didn’t escape unscathed. The owner noted the car “took a beating” from all the debris but was still driveable. He added that his insurance should cover all of the damage sustained during the tornado.

You can check out the full video below.

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