New Launch Mode coming to Model S and Model X with adaptive suspension

According to a recent dive by Tesla hacker @greentheonly into an upcoming software release, Tesla is planning on introducing a new Launch Mode for the Model S and Model X Raven vehicles.

The new feature, which will be coming in the same software update that will bring traffic light and stop light recognition and reaction, will improve traction when launching the vehicle from a standstill by lowering the front end of the vehicle.

To use the feature, the driver must hold down the brake pedal, then fully press the accelerator pedal and wait for the “Launch Mode enabled” message to appear on the display. Then wait a few seconds for the suspension to fully lower to give you the best launch traction. Finally to make the magic happen, simply take your foot off the brake pedal.

By lowering the front end of the vehicle, the drag decreases by allowing less air to flow under the car, leading to faster acceleration and better handling.

The reason this will only be available for the Model S and Model X is those are the only vehicles in Tesla’s lineup that comes with adaptive suspension.

This new feature is expected to be released in the upcoming 2020.12.5 free over-the-air (OTA) software update.

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