TeslaCam captures purse snatching at gunpoint [Video]

A Tesla Model Y owner was the victim of a purse snatching in Houston earlier this week. Even though the robbery was at gunpoint, the victim was able to stay calm enough to remember to honk her horn and save footage of the crime to her car’s USB drive.

The robbery took place in the parking lot a Walmart in Montgomery County on Thursday, September 23. The victim, Kimberly Dixon, was returning to her car at around 11:30am when she noticed someone lurking nearby, reports KPRC 2 News.

Within seconds the suspect aggressively approaches her and pulls out a gun, demanding she give him her purse. Not wanting to be shot over some material possessions, she quickly hands it over, with the suspect fleeing in a waiting Lexus.

Fortunately Dixon still had her phone in her back pocket, allowing her to open her car and honk the horn, thereby saving camera footage of the entire incident, which ended up providing a perfect look at the suspect’s face and getaway car.

suspect lexus
Image via KPRC 2 /YouTube

The Montgomery County Sherriff’s Office is asking anyone who can identify the suspect to contact them. The white Lexus ES350 has Texas license plates JWS9518.

You can watch the full video of the robbery below.

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