Tesla launches two new videos showcasing Sentry Mode and Trip Planner

Tesla Sentry Mode

Tesla has published new videos on its YouTube channel showing off two features unique to the automaker.

Discover: Sentry Mode

As Tesla owners, we all know and love this unique feature. Using the car’s built-in cameras, Sentry Mode keeps our cars safe by constantly mointoring the surroundings. If someone, or something gets a little too close for comfort, the car starts recording and saving the footage, notifying whoever is outside the vehicle with a flash of the lights and an image on the in-car display.

If the ‘trigger event’ is impactful enough, the car alarm can be activated as well, which sends a notification to the owner through the mobile app.

The interesting part about this video is that it features the brand new Performance Model 3 with 20″ Überturbine wheels. We can’t wait to see these in person as they look amazing in the video.

Discover: Trip Planner

While this might not seen unique to Tesla, its navigation and trip planner makes road trips a breeze – simply enter in your destination, and the computer does the rest.

It will automatically find the fastest route and plan it according to available Supercharger stations along the way. The estimates provided by the navigation in terms of amount of the charge needed are calculated based on driving style, elevation, and even current weather conditions, giving you confidence you will make it to your destination on time.

As pointed out in the video, with Tesla’s integration of information into its trip planner, you can ‘go anywhere’.

Check out the full video below.

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