Latest idea from Tesla vandals – let’s dump garbage on the car

Tesla vandals garbage dumped

It appears the Tesla vandals are getting smarter by the hour. First their modus operandi was keying. Then it was dumping coffee. Then it was urinating on a Tesla. Now this pair of teens has taken it to the next level.

A Tesla owner in Seattle Washington was casually driving through downtown when he came across two young men crossing the street while carrying a large bag full of garbage. As the Tesla owner turns, you can see the teens already look like they’re up to something with big grins on their faces. As the driver makes the turn, the teens quickly draw their attention to the Tesla and run up behind it, garbage bag still in tow.

They then approach the vehicle and proceed to dump the contents of the garbage bag all over the rear of the Tesla. Unfortunately for them, they don’t realize that Tesla’s have multiple cameras rolling at all times, so it captures their faces perfectly before they run off, leaving behind a mess of leaves (why?), coffee cups (it’s Seattle, so they were probably Starbucks cups), and other assorted garbage.

What will Tesla vandals think of next?

Welp… never thought my Tesla would get GARBAGE DUMPED on a Sunday afternoon in Seattle, WA! from r/TeslaLounge

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