Sentry Mode perfectly captures thief breaking into Tesla Model 3

It has been almost two years since Tesla released their built-in security feature Sentry Mode. Despite hundreds of videos of vandals and thieves being caught on camera, it appears criminals are still deciding to target Tesla vehicles.

The latest dumb criminal from Houston, Texas targeted this Model 3 in a local shopping mall parking lot. He can be seen exiting his Lincoln MKZ, which he puts in a perfect position for the side-repeater camera to capture his license plate as he pulls away.

Before he does, he scopes out the inside of the Model 3, spots something valuable looking, and pulls out a tool to break the rear window. Not wasting any time, he jumps halfway into the backseat, before pulling himself out with the victim’s bag in hand (hopefully it had a belt).

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He quickly jumps back into his vehicle, and pulls off with the whole incident taking just 22 seconds. Along with a perfect view of his license plate, the Tesla’s cameras also give us a clear shot of his face.

You can check out the full video below.

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