Tesla Model S refresh spotted on the roads outside Fremont [Video]

Probably the biggest question on every Tesla owner’s mind right now is will the Model S and Model X finally get their long-awaited refresh. When it comes to the Model S, it looks like we have the answer.

If you’ve been following along on Twitter with the saga that is the refresh, you know The Kilowatts have been scoping out Tesla’s Fremont factory for any signs of the new vehicles. Those daily visits have paid off after they spotted two different versions of the flagship sedan on nearby public roads.

The first is a white Model S outfitted with the Tempest wheels currently available as standard on both the Long Range and Performance variants. It also has the new rear diffuser and factory black trim that was first seen a few weeks ago in another sighting from The Kilowatts.

Model S refresh TempestModel S refresh Tempest
Image via The Kilowatts /YouTube

Another black Model S sedan was also spotted, revealing more details about the refresh. This black version was outfitted with more aggressive and new looking wheels, a new front bumper and front lip.

Model S refresh
Image via The Kilowatts /YouTube

Based on what they’ve seen over the last few weeks, here is a list of potential changes The Kilowatts think will be coming soon to the Model S.

1. New Front Fascia with a larger central air intake vent
2. A front diffuser (only seen as a prototype part in the latest sighting)
3. New fog lamp design
4. New wider wheels and wider fenders to support them
5. Slightly adjusted Side Repeater camera location on those fenders.
6. New Rear bumper design
7. Gloss Chrome Delete
8. No high protruding touchscreen like the Model 3 and Y (screen size & orientation still unknown)
9. New amber turn signal
10. Potentially larger brake disks and calipers

So far there have been no sighting of a refresh Model X, leading some to speculate the electric SUV’s days are numbered. This could potentially be the case now that Tesla has a 7-seat Model Y configuration available to order.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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