Tesla Model 3 dashcam captures unprovoked drive-by shooting

We have seen our fair share of seemingly random acts of vandalism against Tesla vehicles. While those incidents are definitely terrible for the owners, they were nothing in comparison to this drive-by shooting.

The incident occurred this week in Nashville, Tennessee. According to the Model 3 owner, who posted the incident to Reddit, he was minding his own business when the unthinkable occurred. The driver of a passing Buick SUV opened the front passenger window and unloaded at least 4 shots into the side of the Tesla.

Miraculously the driver, the sole occupant of the vehicle at the time, was unharmed. As you can see from the image above, two shots hit the driver door, but were stopped by the lock mechanism within the door.

Another two shots hit the rear door. One bullet was stopped by the window motor, and the other made it through the door and lodged in the backseat.

What you are probably thinking now is the incident was provoked. But the owner shared the TeslaCam footage leading up to the incident showing he really was minding his own business, or as he puts it, “CHILLIN’!”

The incident was reported to Nashville Police, who are now investigating. The first video below shows the shooting, while the second video shows the events leading up to it.



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