Sentry Mode helps solve hit and run in Calgary

The owner of a Tesla Model 3 in Calgary is glad he turned on Sentry Mode after his car was damaged by an Audi driver who attempted one of the most cringe-worthy parking jobs we have ever seen.

The incident took place last month at Crowfoot Crossing in northwest Calgary. According to the video description, the Model 3 owner was watching a movie when a white Audi tried to pull in to the adjacent parking spot.

You can tell almost immediately how this is going to go as the driver attempts to pull in at clearly the wrong angle.

Despite it being late at night with numerous other vacant parking spots nearby, the drive forges ahead, scraping the side of the Model 3 not once, not twice, not even three times, but at least five times that we were able to count.

Even though it was dark, the owner noticed the damage when he returned to his vehicle. Upon reviewing the Sentry Mode footage, he was able to locate the suspect’s car on the other side of the parking lot.

While there was some damage to the Model 3, the Audi took the brunt of it, with extensive damaged down almost the entire passenger side of the car.

Armed with the Sentry Mode footage and photos and videos of the damaged Audi, the Tesla owner filed a report with the Calgary Police. With more than enough evidence to locate the suspect, an officer was able to get the Audi driver to confess, saying that “he had a bad day.”

Thanks to Sentry Mode, justice was served as not only will insurance pay for the damages, he was also charged with a hit and run.

You can check out the cringe-worthy video below.

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