Uber London adds Teslas to their Clean Air Plan

Starting on Wednesday, Tesla vehicles will be available to Uber drivers in London looking to buy or lease a green vehicle through the company’s Clean Air Plan.

Previously, Uber partnered with Kia and Nissan to provide generous discounts to drivers looking to make the switch to electric.

The inclusion of Teslas should provide an additional incentive for Uber drivers to switch to an EV.

The Clean Air Plan is an Uber-led initiative to persuade their drivers to switch to greener vehicles in London, UK. The plan is funded through a clean air fee which the company charges customers within the city.

The clean air fee adds 3 pence to every mile of a passenger trip in London within the m25. This includes trips to and from Heathrow International Airport.

Since its introduction, the clean air fee has raised more than 135 million pounds for drivers to use towards purchasing or leasing EV models at discounted rates.

Once a driver purchases an EV, they can use the clean air fee to support their ongoing vehicle costs.

Currently, Uber in London boasts the largest EV fleet in any major city, with over 4,000 electric vehicles on the rideshare app.

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