Compilation video of vandals caught by Tesla’s Sentry Mode

When it comes to our Tesla’s, there are few things as infuriating as when people vandalize our vehicles. But thanks to Tesla’s numerous cameras around the vehicle and the free software update that gave us Sentry Mode, it’s pretty difficult for the vandals to get away with the crime.

Kiwi EV adventures on Youtube created a compilation video of people keying, damaging, and deliberately driving into Tesla’s (wait, what?!). But what makes this video great is that in all the cases featured in the video, the suspects were either caught thanks to being captured on Sentry Mode, or turned themselves in.

This video doesn’t feature two local cases of keying caught on Sentry Mode, one in Surrey BC, and another in Edmonton. Be sure to watch and share those videos so those vandals can be added to the list and brought to justice.

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