Episode #234987: How to key a Tesla and get caught on Sentry Mode

Tesla Keying Apple Cup Cafe Chelan WA

In what seems like a never-ending loop of people targeting Tesla’s for no apparent reason, the trend continues in this latest episode with a vandal being caught on Sentry Mode taking his anger out on a Model 3.

This incident took place at the Apple Cup Cafe in Chelan, Washington. The suspect can be seen passing the driver side of the vehicle, where he then proceeds to remove what appears to be keys from his left pocket, and leave a nice gouge in the paintwork by the rear door. The second video shows the suspect casually walk around the rear of the vehicle, and then enter the cafe as if nothing had just happened.

The incident has been reported to the authorities, and the Chelan County Sheriff’s department is investigating. Let’s share this far and wide so that yet another Tesla vandal can be caught and brought to justice.

Tesla keying Chelan WA

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