How to see Tesla’s new and used Canadian inventory

While it is super easy to configure and purchase your Tesla online, it isn’t easy to see Tesla’s used (inventory) stock of vehicles available for purchase across Canada.

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One website makes it very easy though,, which lists the inventory across Canada for both new and certified pre-owned (CPO, aka used) Tesla vehicles, with all the details about the car like year, price, mileage, condition, and more.

The website gives the user the ability to sort and filter the data, making it even easier to find the car you’re looking for.

From their website:

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Just about every new and used Tesla for sale in Canada including the hidden Tesla inventory they don’t normally let you see. You can search for used cars and new cars, where listed, whether you are interested in Model S, Model X or Model 3 and you can see the key options the cars have. You can also click on any listing for more details including a detailed price history, market assessment for that model in Canada and a detailed description of option code breakdown.

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