Another suspect caught thanks to Sentry Mode in parking lot hit-and-run

Sentry Mode Activated

It still appears that the majority of the population is unaware that a Tesla Model 3 has 8 cameras, and can record video from any angle around the car if suspicious activity is detected.

In this case, it clearly wasn’t suspicious activity, but more so a case of stupid activity. Ben White, a Model 3 owner went to his local gym at a mall, only to get a notification on his phone just 2 minutes after arriving that his alarm had been triggered. He went straight outside to find out why, only to see a huge scrap along the rear bumper and quarter panel, with no offending car in sight.

Fortunately for him, Sentry Mode caught the culprit on camera, and police were able to track down the suspect, and White’s damage was covered by his insurance company.

Sentry Mode or not, it still amazes me that people will very obviously hit a car like this, and then simply leave the scene hoping not to be caught.

Watch the full event unfold in his video below.

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