Another biker road rages on a Tesla Model 3 and breaks the side mirror

You’ve heard it and seen it before. Tesla owner is driving along minding their own business. Along comes a biker, not minding their own business and taking their rage out on the Tesla, usually by breaking the side mirror. It has happened before, where the viral video eventually led to the arrest of the vandal.

Now it has happened again in California, all caught on TeslaCam. The Tesla owner is driving along the highway, when a biker approaches and splits the lane, pulling up next to the Tesla. Quite clearly he feels like the Tesla has somehow done him wrong, even though the video shows no reason for the escalation.

After telling the driver to move over and out of his way, to which the Tesla owner by his own admission likely gave him the finger, the biker hits the brakes and falls behind the Tesla. He then pulls up alongside and decides to kick the side mirror, breaking it in the process.

Unfortunately the TeslaCam didn’t get a good look at the plates. We’ve attempted to lightly edit the photo in order to get a better look at the plates, but surely one of our readers can do better.

Internet, do your thing and let’s identify this vandal and bring him to justice.

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