Skateboarder attempting to scam Tesla owners at Riverside, California Supercharger

If you live near Riverside, California and sometimes visit the Mission Square Garage Supercharger, you might want to be on the lookout for this skateboard scammer.

The intended victim of this scam was Fausto Perez. While travelling on 9th street approaching the entrance to the parking garage, we can see a skateboard flying through the air towards a van in the distance.

With the skateboard still on the ground, Perez drives over it (probably not the best move) to enter the garage. Thanks to the rear TeslaCam we can clearly see the skateboard emerges unscathed.

That didn’t stop the scammer who approaches the Model 3 and begins asking for compensation for damage to his board. Knowing they didn’t do any damage, the scammer eventually gives up and walks away, only to begin violently smashing his board into the ground.

After plugging in to the Supercharger on the top floor of the parking garage, the skateboarder returns. This time the board is in two pieces, and he again begins asking for money from the Tesla owner. After some yelling at the owner and his partner in the car, he eventually leaves again empty handed.

This unusual incident serves as another good reminder as to the usefulness of the multiple cameras on Tesla vehicles that are constantly recording.

You can watch the TeslaCam footage below, as well as additional footage taking by Perez’s partner just after the incident.

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