Tesla Semi spotted road testing on California highway [Video]

As production of the Tesla Semi nears, it looks like the automaker is ramping up testing off the all-electric work truck.

In a video captured yesterday, November 19 2020 and sent to Drive Tesla, the silver Semi was driving northbound on Hwy 101 near San Jose, California. The Semi was loaded with a container on the back, with unique fins on the rear doors presumably to improve aerodynamic efficiency.

Tesla Semi fins

This isn’t the only Tesla Semi the company is currently testing. Another prototype truck was recently spotted at the factory in Fremont. In a drone flyover video, a different red Semi was seen hauling cargo near the newly installed Giga Press casting machines.

The Semi truck was first unveiled in 2017, but its release has been delayed several times since. During the company’s Q2 2020 earnings call earlier this year, CEO Elon Musk announced the Semi would be built at the new Giga Texas factory currently under construction and expected to open next year.

As production nears, Tesla continues to pad its order book. Walmart Canada recently announced an increase in their order to 130 units, while Canadian-based Pride Group Enterprises announced an order for up to as many as 500 units.

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