Tesla secures another big order for its Semi truck from Pride Group Enterprises

Tesla can now add up to 500 Semi trucks to its order sheet after a large commitment from the US and Canadian firm Pride Group Enterprises (PGE).

The company, which operates in a number of industries including transportation, logistics, and heavy-duty equipment dealerships, has placed reservations for 150 Semi trucks, with the option to purchase 500 in total.

“We believe that electrification is the way of the future as we work together across multiple industries to reduce our carbon footprint. As well, we have the option to increase our order as we gauge customer acceptance of this new technology,” said Sam Johal, PGE CEO.

According to a press release, the company did its homework before deciding on the Tesla Semi, spending “significant resources over the past number of years to completely understand the technology, infrastructure, and capital requirements to make electric trucks a success within its existing network.”

To support the new semi trucks, PGE has already started investing in the required infrastructure, such as parking, charging, and maintenance facilities.

With a business portfolio spanning several industries, PGE plans to deploy the electric semi trucks across all of its business divisions. How many units go to each location will be determined at a later date, but provinces and states that favour electric vehicles (EVs) will be given special consideration.

PGE is privately held with 12 locations in Canada and the US, including Surrey, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Milton, and Mississauga.

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