Tesla is holding a random draw for retail shareholders to attend Semi delivery event

Credit: Tesla

Tesla confirmed yesterday that the company would hold a selection lottery for retail investors to attend the upcoming Tesla Semi delivery event on December 1.

Tesla’s head of investor relations, Martin Viecha, confirmed the company was using the random selection process on Twitter where one share gives you one entry into the draw.


According to Viecha Tesla will use their new Shareholder Platform for the draw, which they launched in July.

The Tesla Shareholder Platform allows shareholders to participate in events and access exclusive features.

However, many investors, including our own chief editor, are still waiting for their verification status to be approved for the platform even though proof was submitted when the platform launched.

We hope to provide an update as soon we have one!


Although we are not sure where the event will take place, we know that the delivery event is for PepsiCo at one of its facilities in California.

Tesla confirmed that Pepsi would receive the first 500-mile range Tesla Semi on December 1. Tesla has also confirmed that 500 mile range is when fully loaded at 82,000lbs Gross Combination Weight, but Drive Tesla has been able to confirm with a source the range is achievable at speeds of 75mph (120km/h) on a flat grade.

Last month, we also saw a Tesla Semi pulling a trailer and testing out acceleration from a dead stop.

Tesla already has orders for hundreds of Tesla Semi trucks from companies like Walmart, Pepsi, Anheuser-Busch, and several companies in Canada like Sysco, Mosaic Forest Management, and Quality Foods.

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