Tesla Semi VIN information submitted to NHTSA

Tesla is one step closer to finally starting deliveries of their electric Semi truck as the automaker has officially submitted the required VIN (vehicle identification number) information to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

According to the MY2023 VIN Decoder posted to the NHTSA website, the first three digits of the Tesla Semi VIN will be 7G2. This compares to the Model S and Model 3 which start with 5YJ, and the Model X and Model Y which start with 7SA.

Another difference with the Semi VIN compared to Tesla’s other vehicles is digit 5, which is used to designate the body type for the Model S3XY. In the case of the Tesla Semi, this digit is used for the Chassis/Cab Type, which was given the letter ‘B’ for a “Day Cab.”

This hints at a future version that will have a sleeper cab for long-haul truckers. For now the Semi will be used for short-haul trips at two PepsiCo facilities in California.

Digit 8 represents the Motor/Drive Unit/Braking System, which for the Semi is listed as having a ‘Dual Drive Rear Axle’ and ‘Air Brakes.’

For the first time a Tesla vehicle built in the United States will not have either ‘F’ (Fremont) or ‘A’ (Austin) for the plant of manufacture in the 11th digit. Instead the Tesla Semi will have ‘N’ in its VIN to designate that it was built at Giga Nevada, the factory where Tesla builds its vehicle battery packs and home and utility-scale energy storage systems.

All of this information has been submitted to the NHTSA just over one month before the first deliveries are expected to take place. As announced by CEO Elon Musk earlier this month, PepsiCo will be the lucky first customer and is expected to take delivery of an unspecified number of Tesla Semi trucks on December 1, 2022.

At launch the Semi will be able to travel 500 miles (804km) on a single charge and be able to reach 60mph in 20 seconds. You can read about the specs of the Semi here.

You can review the full MY202 VIN Decoder from the NHTSA below. (h/t: @6463dc)

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