PepsiCo confirms their first Tesla Semi trucks will support operations at two different facilities

Elon Musk announced last night the Tesla Semi had officially entered production and that the first units off the line would be for PepsiCo. Musk didn’t clarify how many would be delivered to PepsiCo, but this morning the company confirmed they will at least be getting more than one.

In tweet PepsiCo confirmed they will be receiving their new class 8 electric trucks on December 1, adding that they will be used to support operations at two of their facilities in California.

As we have long suspected the Tesla Semi will be working out of the Frito-Lay facility in Modesto, where a Megacharger has already been installed.

The Semi will also be working out of the PepsiCo beverages plant in Sacramento. We assume this will be at the one located at 7550 Reese Rd.

PepsiCo said they will release more details “once we have taken delivery.”

PepsiCo originally placed an order for 100 Tesla Semi trucks shortly after it was announced in 2017.

The company was most recently expecting to take delivery of up to 15 units last year when CEO Ramo Laguarta said during an interview on CNBC they should receive before the end of 2021.

That was obviously delayed until now, but it looks like after many years and many delays, the Tesla Semi will finally be hitting the roads soon.

When it does it will be able to travel up to 500 miles (804km) on a single charge while fully loaded. It will also offer impressive straight line acceleration being able to reach 60mph in 20 seconds. It might not sound like much but it is when you compare that time against a traditional diesel semi which can take up to 60 seconds to reach 60mph.

Tesla shuts down orders for Semi, updates website with impressive specs ahead of first deliveries

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