Hot Wheels releases new 1:64 scale Tesla Roadster

Even though production has been delayed on the Tesla Roadster, you can still get your hands on a brand new one today – it will just be really small.

Hot Wheels has released a their first version of the electric hypercar, and it is now landing on store shelves.

Drive Tesla reader Jamie was able to snag one at a local Walmart in Manitoba today for $5.

The Roadster is finished in silver with a black hood, and features a different set of wheels than what we have seen on the real Roadster prototype, or other 1:64 scale offerings from Matchbox.

Based on information we were able to find, this is the first sighting of this new Hot Wheels Premium Tesla Roadster on any Canadian or US store shelves.

It was set to be released in February, and not arrive in North American stores until March, but it looks like if you live in Manitoba, you might be in luck.

For all Manitobans reading this, Jamie tells us this was the only one at Walmart, so you don’t all have to rush there at once.

Hot Wheels Tesla Cybertruck coming soon to a store near you

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