Tesla Cybertruck, Cyberquad, Roadster, and Semi on display at Annual Shareholder Meeting & Battery Day

What would a Tesla Annual Shareholders Meeting be without their entire lineup, including vehicles not yet available on the market, on display for everyone to check out.

Tesla didn’t disappoint yesterday by having their entire lineup of vehicles at the front of the parking lot, perfectly lined up to spell S3XY CARS (Model S, 3, X, Y, Cybertruck, ATV, Roadster, Semi).

Tesla S3XY CARS North Bay
Photo by Tesla Owners North Bay /Twitter

Here are some more photos taken by some luck attendees at the event.

The Cybertruck still looks like it is CGI every time we see pictures of it. It was also on display earlier this year at the reopening of the Petersen Museum.

Tesla Cybertruck SV
Photo by Tesla Owners Silicon Valley /Twitter

Sitting beside the Cybertruck was the Cyberquad ATV, which will be an optional accessory when the Cybertruck is released next year.

Tesla Cyberquad Wholemars
Photo by WholeMarsBlog /Twitter

Not to be outdone, the red Tesla Roadster was also brought out from the shadows. It doesn’t appear to have any changes from the initial prototype that we saw at the unveiling in 2017.

And last but not least, one of the silver Semi trucks was also in display. Tesla hopes to begin limited production of the Semi later this year.

Tesla Semi and Roadster SV
Photo by Tesla Owners Silicon Valley /Twitter
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