Tesla updates account pages for Roadster referral winners

Even though they knew they were coming, Tesla has finally updated the account pages of those lucky owners who have won one, or in some cases two Tesla Roadsters.

In 2017 Tesla introduced secret levels to its popular referral program, giving owners the chance to earn a 2% discount on a Founder’s Series Roadster for each new purchase made with their referral code.

As your referrals grew to 5, you would unlock a 10% discount. That might not sound like much, but when you’re talking about a $250,000+ car, a 10% discount equates to more than $25,000 in savings. But it didn’t stop there. The terms of the program didn’t specify a maximum discount, so if you earned enough referrals, you could actually earn a Roadster for “free”.

When Tesla added the more affordable Model 3 to the referral program in 2019, several popular Tesla enthusiasts earned 105 referrals, enough to get two free Roadsters. One of those lucky owners is fellow Canuck, Trevor Page of Tesla Owners Online, making him just one of two Canadians to have done so.

Despite earning the two free Roadsters, they never actually appeared in his account page, along with several other notable referral winners. In an attempt to finally get them added, Page reached out to CEO Elon Musk on Twitter, who responded on November 9 with a simple “Sure”.

Fast forward three weeks later, and Page, along with Andy Slye and several others, have their free Roadsters teasing them in their Tesla accounts.

Page tells Drive Tesla he first started earning discounts towards the Roadster around February 2018, before reaching the required 105 referrals in November 2018. In case you’re wondering, his current total sits at 296 referrals.

With the huge success of Tesla over the last couple of years, it is unlikely will ever bring back a referral prize of this magnitude. But we can hope!

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