Diecast Roadster and Semi get new prices in Tesla Shop

If Santa didn’t bring you everything on your Christmas wish list, you can now buy yourself some new diecast Tesla vehicles for a much cheaper price.

Even though the life size versions have yet to be released, Tesla has dropped the prices of the 1:18 scale diecast Roadster and Semi truck by $90 to $230 CAD. For our US readers, the price has dropped from $250 to $175 USD.

These new prices now match the price adjustments the other 1:18 scale diecast Teslas received earlier this year. Hopefully the automaker releases 1:18 scale versions of the Model Y and Cybertruck soon, which would complete their entire lineup.

Click here to purchase the Roadster or here to purchase the Semi.

If you’re not convinced to buy one, be sure to check out our up close look at the intricate detail in the diecast Tesla Roadster.

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