Tesla Model S converted into snowmobile by Heavy D of Diesel Brothers fame

Earlier this year we shared with you footage of a British Columbia man who converted his Tesla Model 3 into a snowmobile by replacing the rear wheels with snow tracks.

Not to be outdone, Dave Sparks, otherwise known as Heavy D from the Diesel Brothers, also turned a Tesla into a snowmobile.

This time the victim is a Model S, which actually belonged to one of his employees who left it in Heavy D’s reserved parking spot while he went out of town. To get his revenge, all four wheels were converted with Camso tracks, making it what may be the ultimate winter toy.

After taking it into the Utah mountains, it seems as though using the electric sedan as a snowmobile is not as efficient as using it on the roads. The Model S apparently started with 215 miles (346km) of available range, but after what they estimated to be about 15 miles (24km) and some very cold temperatures, the range was down to just 70 miles (112km) remaining.

According to their review after their day on the mountain, the Model S performed very well with the conversion, even being used to pull a stranded four-wheeler out of a snow drift.

Check out the full video below, but don’t watch past about 12m45s unless you want to learn about yellow snow.

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