Your Tesla can now self-diagnose problems while scheduling service appointment

self diagnosis
Credit: @tesla_adri | Twitter

Tesla is once again taking advantage of the connected nature of their vehicles to make life easier for owners, and their own staff. The automaker has added a new feature to the mobile app where your vehicle can now self-diagnose problems when scheduling a service appointment.

The first hints of this new feature were detected in the source code of the mobile app update last month, and it looks like Tesla has now turned it on.

An example of the new diagnostics tool was shared by @tesla_adri on Twitter. When selecting certain categories in the service menu, the tool is automatically triggered and your car is scanned for any potential problems.

If a potential problem is detected it will automatically create a service appointment with all of the relevant details for the Tesla technicians to be aware of. For @tesla_adri, there was a problem with a recent firmware update that did not install correctly due to a problem with one of the vehicle’s Bluetooth Endpoints, and he was prompted to schedule a service appointment to have it fixed.


This is the second change to the mobile app as it relates to the Service menu in as many months.

Most of Tesla’s recalls are fixed through an over-the-air (OTA) software update, however if there is one that requires a visit to a Service Center or a visit from a Mobile Service Ranger, your app now displays this too.

If there is an active recall for your vehicle it will be displayed as soon as you tap on the Service menu in your mobile app, and with a few taps on the screen your service appointment is scheduled.

This is also the second change to the mobile app spotted this past weekend. On Friday night a new Extended Service Agreement (ESA) was added, but it was quickly removed within about 30 minutes. It appears as though someone accidentally pushed the new feature out before it was ready as the text for the agreement contained a number of spelling, grammar, and formatting errors.

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