Tesla launches, then removes new Extended Service Agreement priced from $7,700

Earlier this week Tesla deployed a new version of their mobile app, 4.11.0, and hidden within the code was hints of a new Extended Service Agreement (ESA) that could be purchased directly within the app.

Tesla turned the new feature on in Canada and the United States on Friday night, however it appears as though someone was a little too eager for it launch as it contained a number of spelling, grammar, and formatting errors, and it was promptly removed within about 30 minutes of it first appearing.

We were able to see the new option under the ‘Upgrades’ tab of our app, but tapping on it generated an error.

Others however we able to get it to successfully load, and from screenshots shared on the Tesla Model 3 Canadian Facebook group, it looks like it will start at $7,700.

We don’t know if that price is in Canadian or US currency, as Eric (@Eric5un), who lives in Los Angeles, shared a photo from his app showing the same $7,700 price.

According to the product description the ESA will be “effective from the date of expiration of your vehicle’s limited warranty period” and covers “necessary maintenance or parts replacement caused by the quality problems of materials or manufacturing processes of parts produced or provided by Tesla.”

Most importantly however, the ESA does not cover the battery or drive unit.

The description also shows there will be some purchasing rules which pertain to how old your Tesla is and how much mileage it has, and whether you can purchase it from within the app or from a Service Center.

The ESA will also be transferrable if you sell your car at a later date, something which Tesla highlights as something that will “add value to your car.”

Depending on what price Tesla decides upon for the Extended Service Agreement, it could prove to be popular among owners who want the piece of mind of knowing general maintenance and repairs are covered.

There will also be those who think it is too expensive for what it includes considering it does not cover the battery or drive unit, the two most expensive parts of the car to replace if something does go wrong outside of your original factory warranty.

Read the full product description below, then let us know in the comments if you think you would purchase the Tesla Extended Service Agreement.

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