You will never be late for a meeting again as Musk promises in-car video conferencing

With the coronavirus outbreak resulting in almost everyone working from home, video conferencing like Zoom has seen a meteoric rise as of late.

Now Tesla CEO Elon Musk has taken to Twitter to reveal that in-car video conferencing will be coming to Tesla vehicles as part of a future update.

Without further details from Musk, it is likely the video-conferencing feature would make use of the unused interior facing camera by the rear view mirror.

Until recently we did not know how much of the cabin of the vehicle the camera could see. But thanks to Tesla hacker @greentheonly, we recently got our first views from the camera, which can easily capture the driver for any meeting.

While the feature will likely only be available when the car is in park, it would be a pretty great feature to use while driving in a convoy with friends and being able to chat and see each other using the in-car display and audio system.

The rearview camera has been in the car since it launched in 2018, and for a while no one knew its intended use.

Tesla Model 3 rear view camera

It wasn’t until Musk revealed on Twitter it was for when the Robotaxi fleet became operational, to record passengers in the car in case they caused any damage.

Musk has also revealed it will be turned on in a future software update to become part of the suite of cameras used in Sentry Mode, to record any thief entering the cabin of the vehicle.

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