2020.36.10 Tesla software update brings new feature to Canada and the US

With the last few software updates Canadian Tesla owners have been left out in the cold, not receiving all of the features our friends south of the border have been receiving.

Today that changed with the deployment of the latest 2020.36.10 software update, which brings to both Canadian and US Tesla owners a new feature for Navigate on Autopilot (NoA).

When NoA is engaged, you can now stay in the passing lane until a lane change is initiated by the driver. Previously, the driver-assist feature would automatically move out of the passing lane and back into the travelling lane when it was safe to do so.

While it is good driver etiquette to always move out of the passing lane when you’re not passing a vehicle, the system would sometimes move to the travelling lane too quickly, only to have to pass the next vehicle moments later.

With this feature engaged, the driver is now in control of when that lane change will happen. It is an optional feature, and can be turned on by tapping Controls > Autopilot > Customize Navigate on Autopilot > Exit Passing Lane.

It was also speculated this release would include the ability for the car to proceed through green lights without confirmation from the driver, but it appears to have missed this version.

Check out the full release notes below.

Navigate on Autopilot (Beta) – Exit Passing Lane

While Navigate on Autopilot is activated, your car can now remain in the passing lane. To adjust your passing lane preference, tap Controls > Autopilot > CUSTOMIZE NAVIGATE ON AUTOPILOT > EXIT PASSING LANE.

2020 36 10 release notes
Image via Allan Harding \ Twitter
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